CShell CD Cases
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The next generation of compact disc packaging
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CShell Classic CD Holders
CShell Double
  • This one-piece plastic case holds two CDs or DVDs snugly with two durable hinges. They're a great way to keep two-disc sets of software or music together.
  • Less than half the weight and thickness of standard "jewel case" CD holder, overcoming the sheer bulk of traditional designs.
  • Constructed of durable polypropylene, overcoming fragility. Even if you could break it, it would be tough to get a sharp edge.
    25 CShell Double Pack, Clear
    Price: $20.70
    50 CShell Double Pack, Clear
    Price: $40.40
    100 CShell Double Pack, Clear
    Price: $78.80
    200 CShell Double Pack, Clear
    Price: $153.60
    Replication Services
    100 CShell Classics - $34.95 500 CDs
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