CShell CD Cases
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The next generation of compact disc packaging
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CShell Classic CD Holders

Compact discs come in different shapes and sizes. So why shouldn't CShells? We currently offer six different types of CShells. Plus, we manufacture DiscSavers which are a popular alternative to the CShell CL (Classic). Whether you need to store standard compact discs, CDRs, DVDs, or DVDRs, CShell is your solution.
CShell Classic View All CShell Classic Packages
100 CShell Classics
Choice of 14 colors
The original & most popular
DiscSavers View All DiscSaver Packages
100 DiscSavers
Choice of 5 colors
Great alternative to CShell Classics
CShell Square View All CShell Square Packages
100 CShell Squares
Choice of 14 colors
Perfect for 3-ring binders
Replication Services
100 CShell Classics - $34.95 500 CDs
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